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Golden Retriever Dogs are THE BEST!

We are a group of people who strive to be as "good" as our Golden Retriever Dogs. Of course this is impossible, but our hope is to give back some to the breed we have all fallen in love with.


The State of Arkansas is full of people interested in Golden Retrievers. This breed is versatile and is naturally talented in field work, therapy work, and of course as companions.


Our Club was formed to bring together these amazing dogs and their people. We aim to celebrate these dogs while supporting them and their owners. We have AKC and GRCA events and fun outings that are focused on things

Golden Retrievers love the most.


Enjoying the company of a

Golden Retriever as a pet is bliss!

Throughout the year we have events just to spend time with our dogs and explore things that interests them.

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Therapy Work

Interested in sharing your Golden Retriever with others and giving back to your community? Consider volunteering with your dog with Therapy work and make a difference!


Invest in training your Golden Retriever with Obedience classes. Enroll in the level you are at and enjoy learning new things together. This is the foundation to other sports like agility too!

Field Work

Golden Retrievers are... you've guessed it- RETRIEVERS!

This breed originated to be a gentleman's hunting dog and they still have those instincts! Field work, Lure Coursing, Dock Diving, Barn Hunts, and more... ALL play into the abilities and desires these retrievers have.


The Golden Retriever Standard outlines the important characteristics these breed needs to maintain and have. A well built dog's joints move correctly allowing it to live and do its job as a pet, in field or other areas. Learn to groom and handle your dog in the ring!

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