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Go Out and Do Something with your Golden Retriever!

Thank you for your interest in our club and its activities! Please follow our Facebook page: Natural State Golden Retriever Club INC and join our Facebook group "Friends of Natural State Golden Retriever Club" for more up to date information on upcoming events! Also check out our calendar page for events! You can even add it to your Google or iCalendar to stay up to date. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 

Check Out Some of Our Past Events Below


Come out and enjoy learning how to compete with your Golden in AKC events!


Our next Golden Retriever Speciality B Match is Sept 30th, 2022 at the Hot Springs Kennel Club AKC show. Day of entries accepted.

Our next Golden Retriever Speciality A Match is Oct 1st, 2022 with the Hot Springs Kennel Club AKC show. Please see the Premium below to enter.




Whatever your dog learns, it will always have. Our Club is currently offering obedience, conformation, and other types of classes!


Email our Class Coordinator: Linda Vinson for more information! Or use the contact information before for each class.


Enter our CCA on
May 1st, 2022 HERE!
Current CCA
event is Full for 2022.


CCA from the GRCA.ORG website

"General Purposes of Program The purposes of the CCA program are to (a) provide a noncompetitive means of evaluating and scoring the conformation qualities of individual Golden Retrievers against the Breed Standard (as opposed to a competitive “dog-to-dog” compari- son as in dog show competition); (b) provide a useful and informative evaluation with verbal and recorded assessments by knowledgeable evaluators of the conformation qualities of individual Golden Retrievers; (c) provide archived records of the completed evaluations for all Golden Retrievers that have been assessed to generate reports for historical purposes. Recognition will be based on achievement by any Golden Retriever of three qualifying scores of 75 or greater (out of a possible 100) for a CCA as assessed by three different evaluators. It is expected that many dogs that may never enter in formal conformation competition would qualify for a CCAunder the program. In addition to the qualifying score of 75 or greater, certain minimum scores will be required in order to obtain the CCA title (explained under “Scoring”). In addition, the number of attempts to qualify will be limited to six evalua- tions for any one Golden Retriever."

Entries must be mailed with a $75 check to:

Natural State Golden Retriever Club, Inc ,

Center for Non-Profits

Suite 1406, 1200 West Walnut Street, Rogers, AR 72756

Entries accepted first come starting March 28th.

Entries received before this date will be returned.

WC/WCX from the GRCA.ORG

GRCA's purpose in establishing and making available a Working Certificate (WC) and Working Certificate Excellent (WCX) to all owners of Golden Retrievers is to encourage the use and maintenance of the natural hunting and retrieving abilities which are genetically vital to the breed.

Express your interest with us and we can train our Golden Retrievers together for this event!

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