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Join Golden Retriever Enthusiasts in Arkansas!

Join Golden Retriever Enthusiasts in Arkansas!

The Natural State Golden Retriever Club INC is a non-profit group that is both AKC accredited and GRCA recognized.

Our Mission Statement: 

The Natural State Golden Retriever Club’s mission is first and foremost to educate the public on our beloved breed. Golden Retrievers are our passion, and we believe in promoting responsible breeding practices and responsible ownership practices with the goal of preserving Golden Retrievers for generations into the future. We accomplish our mission through: 

  • Hosting educational seminars

  • AKC/GRCA events and competitions

  • Dog Training Classes

  • Community Outreach Events

  • Web and Social Media content

The Natural State Golden Retriever Club, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the health, well-being, versatility, and preservation of purebred Golden Retrievers.


Our Goals:


Our aim is to celebrate the breed and to have community outreach through education and events to be enjoyed with your Golden Retriever. We hold many different types of events: from AKC Fit Dog walks to Obedience and Scentwork classes to educational seminars to conformation shows. And even more! 

Our members have wide scope of interests lending a neat dynamic to the group all the while sharing the same love of these Golden Retrievers together.

Bringing Change through Meaningful Work with Golden Retrievers


Our club, founded in 2021, is dedicated to protecting and advancing the interests of the Golden Retriever by promoting responsible ownership and breeding. Our club is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of the Golden Retriever. 

We are accredited by the American Kennel Club, and are recognized by the Golden Retriever Club of America. 

Get Involved

If you love Golden Retrievers you are in the right place! Come out and join us for some of our AKC, GRCA, Educational, and outreach Events.

Check out our calendar, like and follow our Facebook Page, and join our Facebook group for the most current updates and schedules. 

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